Wellness genie| Wellness in the Workplace – wisdom from the Worktech Dubai Event 2017.

Hello  beautiful readers! Hope you are feeling energized and in good spirits! I recently attended a brilliant conference in Dubai on the future of Workplace and one of the topics was Wellness in the Workplace – a topic I am inspired about! I thought I would share my knowledge with you on some key points […]

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Wellness Genie – All About Allergies!

Hello beautiful readers! Thank you for subscribing to wellnessgenie.blog.  All my love! Today I want to touch on the topic of allergies. I recently had an allergy screening for food allergies done and I was surprised at my food intolerances.  I take good measures to improve my health and wellbeing daily- supplement, diet, exercise, meditation & now I […]

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Cranberries and Immunity

They are not just good to eat but full of great nutrients and antioxidants! Antioxidants are essential to optimizing health by helping to combat the free radicals that can damage cellular structures as well as DNA. Cranberries are a rich red colour and contain good immunity boosting properties including the nutrient Vitamin C. Cranberries help […]

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Feminine energy!

Our energy as women is every expanding , as women we give ourselves selflessly to our career, our families our network. Sometimes we need the replenishing too often I find women in my line of work blocked with their receptive energy. They need to find that balance again ,holistically this results in feminine complaints and […]

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Sunflowers in Autumn🌻

Today was a beautiful day out in the countryside.  As my  love and I strolled through the farm at Leafy greens we came across these beautiful sunflowers! The trees of the leaves begin to turn a shade of orange…how beautiful is this universe! Abundance is so prominent in nature. Mother Earth is always abundant so […]

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