♥️ Hope ♥️

If you are alone during this lockdown missing family and friends, don’t lose Hope the time to unite with them will come🌼 If you are alone and wished you had a life partner,don’t lose Hope, Gods timing is always perfect for your love story♥️ If you are lonely and faced with anxiety and sadness don’t […]

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Ray of light – Awakening

The first thought that came to mind when I looked at this image is a ray of light over a dark world. We are living in times of uncertainty at the moment, countries in lockdown and facing a pandemic (Covid-19/2020) that challenges our very existence. Which leads me to keep exploring the reason behind all […]

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Goddess Within

“We are nurturers, creators, light bringers, embodiments of love, we have the ability to transform, uplift and create a world that radiates – We are the Divine Feminine , The Goddess Within” I felt the intuitive desire to write this today. A reminder of “self care and self love” and nourishing the feminine. Often I […]

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My Healthy Morning Routine

Hello beautiful readers! The way we begin our mornings sets the tone for the day ahead. It is not easy to keep to our morning routine especially when we are overloaded with tasks and personal stuff for the day. ( I myself am guilty of that) However I find when I am following the morning […]

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You are a gift to the world.

Hello beautiful readers , The inspiration to write this post came from my LOVE of the people that have been with me throughout my challenges and embraced the true nature of  my soul. I consider them my gifts of divine love. How often do we get overwhelmed with the negative emotions in life that we […]

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Superfoods| Wellnessgenie

Hello beautiful readers, Wow, I think the start of February has been quiet a shift energetically for me and once again I am being brought back to self love and inner nourishment. Have you been feeling energetically unbalanced? I definitely think the theme here is balance and harmony. Loving , honoring and nurturing ourselves in […]

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