You can heal from Anxiety

Trauma unit after Trauma unit, I remember the nurse telling me you are too young for this! This was my reality at the time in 2011. I was diagnosed with depression & anxiety after a trauma. I couldn’t control the panic attacks. I remember having every symptom of anxiety, and being just one ball of […]

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Anxiety 101 – Boundaries

Make your mental health a priority 👏👏 For people with anxiety, setting boundaries can often be difficult but it’s the healthy thing to do. If something or someone compromises your state of being- whether this be mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually it’s ok to say no. So what exactly are boundaries?  Boundaries help us to […]

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All about Love -Dr Kirasha Allopi

Published Article- All about love – Dr Kirasha Allopi Love captivates the mind, fills the heart and lightens the soul Love is the only emotion that can make me feel whole, It has the power to transform, to heal to make one feel complete, Its grows in magnitude and intensity with every heartbeat Love is […]

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Cleanse 2021 🌼Soul food 🌼

Hi beautiful people! Wow 21/21 days done of the cleanse and I will be sharing some soul food and fabulous tips ❣️ It’s been such a wonderful start to my year on all levels & I’m so grateful for the blessings❣️ So here’s a few soulfood tips! I love creative cooking and one of my […]

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Cleanse 2021

Hi beautiful beings! So I’m on day 15 today of Cleanse 2021 and prepping for a blessed transition at the same time which I can’t wait to share with you❣️Here’s a few tips from the cleanse….I think there’s no better way to start the year than by the word “Health”Health is a total state of […]

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Gratitude ♥️

This morning I took some time to be extra grateful♥️I miss adventures! I miss meeting incredible souls. I was going through most of my travel pictures and felt grateful for these abundant moments. This year so far I was grateful for the adventure of motherhood and being able to spend so much time with our […]

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