This crazy beautiful sacred experience called pregnancy❤️

Hello beautiful readers, so I have been really quiet because my body has been growing a baby…! Woke up today ready to share and excited to do so – finally. I remember this journey like no other, I was traveling to Cape Town with hubby and feeling really sick, I love the mother city but this was not me, we were extremely busy in our lives running our businesses at the time. I had all symptoms of a cycle that month but somehow my body and heart knew this was different… We took a pregnancy test and wow we were pregnant! I remember seeing our little jelly beans heartbeat the next day at an 8 week scan – 2 months along, my braveheart❤️ growing beautifully. I was falling in love, nervous , excited overwhelmed you get the feelings..Nausea took control of my body for 20 weeks and it was rough, I had no appetite for the first 3 months besides the fatigue , changes and insomnia which was hard to bear but I had been growing life and that to me was sacred! 2nd trimester was much better and happier 😀 and now I’m almost at the end.

I remember telling moms how I had shifted body, mind and spirit. I was evolving to a new me I was becoming a mother. I have always told myself that motherhood will be my most sacred journey and really it is so. I have learnt so much about myself in this pregnancy from being strong to creating life, to connecting with incredible souls and loving me and my husband on a whole new level. We both had shifted we are becoming parents and doing our best at the moment to make sure our baby gets the best in this lifetime. Yes we have a lot to learn and nothing can prepare us for the journey but we are ready to take the next step in our journey so proudly and with so much joy in our hearts. Pregnancy is a journey and an adventure, God gives you a miracle to love , to nuture, to grow to guide to protect forever. Right now we are looking forward to meeting the greatest blessing in our lives and I will be sharing along the way. I would love to hear from other moms on how their pregnancies were, how is mommy hood❤️ So much to learn from each other… Life is beautiful when we evolve together…all my love ❤️ WellnessGenie image

Let there be Love and let it begin with me.

Hello beautiful people! On this Valentines day I am  sharing an article I wrote on LOVE. May love, light and magic fill our lives always!

Love captivates the mind, fills the heart and lightens the soul
Love is the only emotion that can make me feel whole,
It has the power to transform, to heal to make one feel complete,
Its grows in magnitude and intensity with every heartbeat
Love is forever in my being….

Love is one of the highest vibrational feelings I have found there is in the universe. I say that with great acknowledgement as with Love for self and love for life our level of existence becomes more meaningful and profound. All relationships begin with love, that tingling warm, fluttering comforting feeling. Trust, respect, understanding, support, communication and self love are other important elements that sustain a growing relationship. Balancing giving and receiving is also an important factor for relationships and should be in equal balance so that both partners are in harmony with each other. Relationships take time to build, patience to develop and a love for both individuals who truly want to be together. Good friendships always make good future relationships.
Make GOD the first priority in your life. Our creator is a powerful force in our life and his love is expansive. God is love and God’s love is everywhere. Relationships based on God’s love first last a lifetime and are eternally bonded.
We as women wish for and dream of our knight in shining armour, that true gentleman. All this begins with placing high value, respect and importance in ourselves as women.  It begins with loving ourselves first. There are incredibly great men out there willing to treat you with the love and respect you deserve. My husband is living proof of one of them – a God sent man – my soul love. We are constantly evolving and expanding our awareness in love together. Allow yourself to experience this love with all your heart.

I witnessed true eternal love with my grandparents. I lost my granddad in 2015. He had taken ill in the last few years of his life. My grandma was a pillar of strength to him in those years, taking care of his needs and devoting herself to him. She was committed and dedicated to their bond in sickness and health, in hardships and happiness. They spent 61 years together on this earthly plane. Their relationship had shown me that true love is unconditional, it is forever in heaven and on earth. I feel incredibly blessed to be a granddaughter to grandparents that have showed me so much beauty, value and depth in love.

Often when we are faced with hardships and difficulties growing up we tend to block our capacity to receive love in its greatest form. We feel inadequate and of no value and we seek to fill this emptiness. Sometimes our relationships are not healthy and we stay because we are afraid to be alone – I experienced this before – I was afraid to be alone. When we grow and develop ourselves as individuals we tend to be better at relationships and we get into a partnership where both partners develop and benefit. We evolve. As we grow older it is important to nourish and love the inner child within us. Nourish your inner child by being creative and playful. There is an inner child within all of us that needs attention sometimes no matter how old we get.

To love and be loved is one of the greatest feelings of all. May we all open our hearts to receiving and giving love and extending it to all around us. As Deepak Chopra quote’s- If love is universal, no one can be left out.



Goddess Within


We are nurturers, creators, light bringers, embodiments of love, we have the ability to transform, uplift and create a world that radiates – We are the Divine Feminine , The Goddess Within” I felt the intuitive desire to write this today. A reminder of “self care and self love” and nourishing the feminine.

Often I find myself unbalanced in giving and receiving. I often give too much of me in time and energy. Today I had the reminder to receive, to step back into my feminine essence and embrace the gifts of love and time given to me in GRATITUDE. It is OK to receive, receiving is powerful , it opens up the opportunity for Generosity. The Goddess Within in her essence is receiving, she is receptive to the energy around her in GRACE , Love and Gratitude. 

How are you nurturing yourself today and have you found the time and space to do so and do so when you need to? Simple measures bring great healing, long baths with essential oils, a walk in nature and listening to the sound of the ocean – nourish me soulfully. They bring me back to simplicity.. to loving me mind body and spirit. The only person that can love you greater than anyone is YOU. You are your own greatest gift. This has been One of the greatest lessons in my journey.

I wanted to share The story of Anandamayi Ma by Autobiography of a Yogi – Paramahansa Yogananda – He asks her why is she always filled with JOY and can enter states of bliss instantly. She explains to him that she is aware of her true self. She knows that before she came to earth she was the same. And even after death she says “through the dance of creation changes around me, I shall be the same” This teaches me Self realisation – a gift worth embracing, knowing yourself in true essence and radiating from within. Self realisation is the merging of the ego self with the universal self – an awakening in freedom. As Yogananda said “Self realisation means realising your true self as the great Ocean of spirit, by breaking the delusion that you are this little ego, this little human body and personality….

The Goddess Within reminds me that self realisation in my journey is a gift to know myself in fullness and to love and value ME- self care, self love, self realisation are the gifts we have…all we need to do is connect , when life gets too unbalanced and too chaotic remember JOY and LOVE is within reach always. I hope that you embrace the simple gifts in life in an ever changing world and may you always find your Goddess Within. For now I am grateful to be doing the ”Goddess Within” Workshops and living and expressing me in wholeness. Wellness.genie is a place where I can express my soul and share – I thank you for sharing this journey with me…ALWAYS!  Namaste.


Goddess Blessings & Love,




My Healthy Morning Routine

Hello beautiful readers!

The way we begin our mornings sets the tone for the day ahead. It is not easy to keep to our morning routine especially when we are overloaded with tasks and personal stuff for the day. ( I myself am guilty of that) However I find when I am following the morning routine that works best for me my days are better , energetic and more productive. This daily morning mindset helps create energy and a creative  mind space for the day ahead.

So here is mine, A morning walk is a must for me ,occasionally with a stop for coffee on the way  😊 It’s helps me stay focused and creates a relaxed mindset for the day ahead. I take deep inhalations and breathe out the negativity and focus on grounding myself and the light within me. Walking has so many benefits from the release of feel good hormones, exercise releases dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain – to just getting your body moving ! My next morning health routine  is mediation – I  spend at least 10 minutes a day connecting to my mind body and spirit and focus on positive energy and my goals for the day ahead. Practicing mindfulness is never a waste of time. I can really feel the differences when I do follow my healthy morning routine and when I don’t. What is your morning routine or what will you like to create for yourself? 

Another important aspect I must mention is organization. Trust me this is one I battled with😊  As soon as I got more organized there was definitely more flow to my days!   I stopped wasting time being disorganized and I got better at time management – a real win for me.

What about nutrition and starting the day healthy ? I begin with lemon water. Your body needs the fluids to replenish especially after it has been dehydrated all night long.  Depending on the diet you following if you are following a health plan -it will be beneficial to keep to your morning breakfast options. Avocados and eggs work well for me  as I’m getting in those natural fats and protein for the start to my day, sometimes oats with berries and fruit too. I  also take my supplements of VitaminB, Vitamin C and a daily multivitamin in the morning.

I think it is beneficial to follow an optimal healthy morning routine which can overall have the physical and mental benefits for the day ahead. I hope you find your optimal routine and may your days ahead get better , more energized and productive!

Love and blessings,








You are a gift to the world.

Hello beautiful readers ,

The inspiration to write this post came from my LOVE of the people that have been with me throughout my challenges and embraced the true nature of  my soul. I consider them my gifts of divine love.

How often do we get overwhelmed with the negative emotions in life that we forget the true nature of ourselves? In every aspect of our lives there is always going to be emotion – positive or negative. It’s the way we deal with the negative and enhance the positive that makes all the difference. You either going to spiral upwards or downwards, the choice is ours and we always have a choice in our situations.

This week I reviewed my own gifts to the world. I was dealing with my own negative emotions and whenever I do , I go within and I heal..beautifully. I deepen my purpose once again and I find  my gifts that I add to the lives of those around me! I am in my complete state of joy when I  act as a medium in the healing and transformation of people’s lives! One of my gifts💫

We each have something incredibly unique gift to offer the world. If you are willing to start the search, ask yourself these questions, what will it take for me to live my best life?  What are my gifts to the world? What am I really good at? How can I make a difference even in a small way?

Start by journalling ,write down your thoughts , observations, feelings – analyse your journal as this will reveal certain patterns to you. Search within -By creating  a sacred space for yourself where you can connect with yourself and your talents you can connect with your innermost passions. Listen to those around you – People around you are likely to be telling you, you good at something, take the time to listen. Think about what you love doing –What do you enjoy doing? In your free time what would you like to do most. Find out what is important to you – When you think about the different areas of your life – health, career, family, write down what is important to you. Together they represent your life values.

The world needs YOU, the world needs you to shine your light and be the most amazing, beautiful soul that you are. Your gifts can add value to the lives of those around you and make a difference. May we each find out special gifts and share our uniqueness in ways that leave footprints in the hearts and lives that we touch!

Love and blessings,







Superfoods| Wellnessgenie

Hello beautiful readers,

Wow, I think the start of February has been quiet a shift energetically for me and once again I am being brought back to self love and inner nourishment. Have you been feeling energetically unbalanced? I definitely think the theme here is balance and harmony. Loving , honoring and nurturing ourselves in the best way we can!

That inner nourishment means taking extra care of our physical health & wellbeing. So today I stopped over at our local health store and bought a bunch of Kale which inspired me to write this blog post on superfoods.

So what are superfoods ? A superfood is a nutrient rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and wellbeing.

Here are some of the common superfoods for you to explore:

Blueberries – Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants as well as vitamin C. There are also rich in phytonutrients and fibre. A handful of blueberries with breakfast is a great way to start the day!

Cinnamon– One of my favourite spices. Cinnamon has a no of great properties one of these being  prompting healthy gut metabolism and is also good for UTI infections.

Flaxseeds – Flaxseeds also known as linseed have high levels of omega 3 , omega 3 is essential for healthy brain function and also helps fight depression. Flaxseeds are also a great source of dietary fibre, minerals like manganese, thiamine and magnesium.

Kale– Kale has great antioxidant benefits. It is also loaded with vitamin A to enhance urinary tract health. Kale is worth exploring in your Kitchen – add them to your smoothies or be creative with a Kale Salad!

Almonds – Almonds are a great way to get more calcium in the diet. It’s also a good source of protein. Almonds are great as a snack inbetween meals.

Salmon – Salmon is essential in the diet because of its  high omega 3 content which makes it a great addition to your super meals😊

Wheatgrass – Wheatgrass is available in powder form. it has a high level of nutrients, essential amino acids and is loaded with clorophyll , vitamins and minerals.

Have a super time with these superfoods!

Love and Gratitude,











Better Health 2018❤️| Wellnessgenie

Hello beautiful readers! I trust you are having a wonderful start to 2018. Wishing you blessings in abundance for  the year ahead. So…I’m out of the bottle for 2018 and excited to share this journey in health, wellness & spirituality with you this year!

Usually we begin the year setting goals ( I know I do☺️)  but rarely do we reflect, so today I put pen to paper and wrote down areas of my life – career, finances , relationships , health, growth, charity and of course fun and reviewed them. Are you reflecting on the year gone by? How would you like to change them for the better? This made me aware of the changes I needed to make to have a better year ahead. It’s a great activity to try out!

I know health has always been one of my key priorities especially after my illness in 2011, it became a top priority to be in balance – mind, body and spirit. Hence today  10 years in the field of holistic wellness and loving every moment❤️

Simple and easy steps for better health in 2018 :

1) Supplement – Vitamin B -Be aware of your body and know when you feeling out of balance. Exhaustion can sometimes be a sign that our body needs more Vitamin B. Take a daily Vitamin B one that suits your body type , usually a holistic practitioner can advise you on the best supplements for your needs.  There are many ranges of supplements available, one that is in natural form and bioavailable ( rate of absorption) tend to be the beneficial options.

2)Probiotics-  I have started the year taking a good probiotic, to balance good and bad bacteria and help in overall gut function , probiotics are great additions to our lifestyle.

3) Get Fit – Exercise has so many benefits to our body. It’s good for muscle health, increases energy, controls your weight, improves your mood to mention a few. Get active and follow a regime. Yoga and meditation definitely works for me😊

4) Juice it up – I love mixing up great juices to start the day. Try an antioxidant juice mix – 1 cup blueberries, 1 cup strawberries, you can add chopped mango, handful or cranberries water to dilute & blend it together. Simple and nutritious!

5) Take care of your soul – Nourish your inner being, take time to rest when you feel the need to, do what you love, what makes your soul happy! Find time to nuture your body and spirit and be grateful for all the good that comes your way.

Hope you have a great health start to this year!

Love , light and blessings,