Hello beautiful readers,

Welcome to the Wellness Genie Blog .

My name is Kirasha Allopi and I am passionate about health, wellness and spirituality. After a major life shift in 2011, I overcame an incredibly difficult time in my life , diagnosed with depression and fully recovered the natural way! This ‘healing crisis’ made me discover my purpose of being a healer to humanity. Today I am the founder, owner  and MD of  Life Force Health and Wellness, an Integrative practitioner, Life and Wellness Coach, Homeopathic Practitioner , Energy Therapist, Writer and Blogger and 10 years in the field of transforming lives and loving it.  I always had a purpose of writing , sharing and  inspiring people worldwide.

The Wellness Genie blog is created from my passion to share health, wellness and spirituality posts with you. Thank you for sharing this journey with me! To love , light, healing and a healthy LIFE.