Warrior Women

The way of the warrior women by Dr Kirasha Allopi

I started typing this post and the daily chores and activities of life overcame me. I think to myself that should never be the case because the activities of life should not get in the way of our hearts calling. Life should be ours to be celebrated. I realize in this moment that among a crazy busy life the beauty remains , the gift remains , the breath remains ♥️

I look at myself today an see the warrior women, the one standing on the battlefield, sometimes I raise the sword in victory and sometimes I lay it on the ground in defeat.  Each time I’m a winner, each time I lose the battle I win the war. I win the war in me…I learn , I grow, I do things differently, I do it better. The warrior women’s knows that in her heart there is a love that is so powerful it can win the war, not the anger ,not the hatred, not the conflict only love can win the war. 

Live life with a love so powerful that all  pain dissolves, let love win your war. And remember each time a warrior women loses her strength she gains it back 100 times over♥️

Dedicated to all warrior women and to my beautiful little warrior Nevaeh♥️ 

All my love, 


  • Dr Kirasha Allopi is an integrative medical practitioner, coach, healer, blogger, writer and facilitator in the field of health , wellness and spirituality. Connect with me instagram & FB @drkirashaallopi


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