A letter to my daughter on her 1st birthday

My darling daughter Ariana Nevaeh – today you turn 1 and while I had to hold back tears to see how much you have grown before me, I’m happy to see you blossom into the most beautiful version of you. This week I watched you as you slept and I took in every detail of you. My baby girl is growing up yet she will always be the most sacred gift to me. I’m glad I got to hold you in the first few months as you napped on my chest and I’m so grateful for the time we had together in your first year. You have changed me, you made me a mother and I will never be the same. I will always have you my baby as my responsibility , as someone to protect and nurture and share my heart & being with.

You have made me see how resilient I am, how much I am capable of , how much I need to grow and evolve and learn in order to be the best version for you. You are my celestial blessing from God and he has trusted me with you. I promise to do my best for you, to nurture you talents, to support you, to grow you to love you unconditionally. Some days are going to be challenging but remember on those days that my love for you remains as strong as possible and as expansive as the cosmos.

My little star, my princess- I pray that life blesses you, God holds you close and angels protect you. May you never forget how incredibly special, unique powerful & radiant you are. You will charm the hearts of many. May there be happiness in your days that overflow, love that surrounds you, divine blessings that follow you, abundance and never ending prosperity. Thank you for choosing me and your dada to be your parents on this earthly realm. We promise to do our best for you and to fill your days with love & laughter. I can’t wait to see the little girl, the young lady and the beautiful women you blossom into. You my darling are loved, adored and treasured…always!

All my love, light & blessings,

Mama ❤️

( I know one day you will read this when you all grown up and beautiful- but for now I will be holding you a little longer💕💕💕)

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