Cosmic lover ♥️- Christmas Star -21/12-2020

Wow, a sky filled with magic! Yesterday we witnessed the close conjunction of two gigantic planets Jupiter and Saturn, a 5 star magnificence & wonder as know as the Star of Bethlehem. I was engaged in a powerful meditation with one of my mentors and you could feel the expansion of light and prayer after a long hard year for many. I felt blessed , grateful and in flow to be on this earthly plane at this time to be here at such a cosmic marvel. The Star to me represents the shift in collective, evolution of the human race and a symbol of hope and renewal. We are in the process of rebirth and renewal to become our best possible selves and to serve in our best possible way to humanity. What does this represent for you?

Wishing you a beautiful renewal, hope and love and joy over this festive season. The best is yet to come ♥️

All my love

WellnessGenie & my little Star ⭐️

(Jupiter and Saturn align this December, with some astronomers suggesting a similar event caused the biblical Christmas Star (Getty Images/iStockphotos-Pic credit)

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