Sunrise Girl 🌞

0C839C89-621E-403E-8291-1583DD0620BCThis is my sunrise girl , my sweet baby girl and we are ready  to embrace a new day! A new day begins the sun rises and shines radiantly! Are you ready to embrace it? No matter your situation get up and get moving, exercise releases feel good hormones and we all can do with that right now!

It’s amazing the inspiration I get from my daughter, today we woke up put on our tracks and walked, here our curfew is from 6-9am in the morning for exercise. There are so many families embracing this and I love seeing the bonding and fun with the kids. That positive energy is so beautiful to begin the day with!

How are you embracing your day? Have a light filled day!

All my love,

WellnessGenie ♥️

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