Your Health and Immunity – Immune shots🍊

FF9BE2A1-B9B3-404A-9B0A-758C5653D427Hello beautiful people!

I know we are all thinking of ways to boost our immune systems and keeping healthy right now! We riddled with thoughts about our health and more conscious than before of taking care of our bodies.  Taking care of our mental health is so crucial at this time as we face the ‘unknown’ due to the pandemic.

I begin my day with an affirmation ‘ I am in abundant health’ it’s the way I build my mental resistance. Do you have any health affirmations?

Here’s a recipe that we did for our winter wellness days.

Our Immune shots have the following ingredients in them:Lemon, Ginger, Oranges, Carrots, Cayenne Pepper and honey.  You can add them in portions in a blender and pop in your vitamin C tablet or multivitamin😊We usually blend them for tot size glasses for our wellness events. There is extra ginger in there so we just add a scoop of honey and dash of cayenne pepper to finish off the tot!

Please feel free to share any new recipes you have tried in the Lockdown to keep healthy. I would love to hear ♥️

Keep safe , stay healthy





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