Ray of light – Awakening

7F62C597-51BE-4088-A279-E3603F7C570DThe first thought that came to mind when I looked at this image is a ray of light over a dark world. We are living in times of uncertainty at the moment, countries in lockdown and facing a pandemic (Covid-19/2020) that challenges our very existence. Which leads me to keep exploring the reason behind all of this… Is humanity awakening? Could this be a calling to live our truth, to go inward or to find our selves once again admist the chaos? Are we being challenged to live better lives consciously, to respect the Earth in a way that she always longed for, for decades.

What changes are you making at the moment? Although anxiety riddles us at this moment and we face moments of uncertainty. This has given us a time to go inward and  to reflect, to look at consciously making our health and wellness a priority. To finally take measures that lead to boundless leaps in our way forward. To love ourselves with unconditional gratitude and treasure the people we spend our lives with, learning,evolving and appreciating this gift called LIFE.

♥️Be the light in a dark world ♥️

This too shall pass…

All my love,


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