Goddess Within


We are nurturers, creators, light bringers, embodiments of love, we have the ability to transform, uplift and create a world that radiates – We are the Divine Feminine , The Goddess Within” I felt the intuitive desire to write this today. A reminder of “self care and self love” and nourishing the feminine.

Often I find myself unbalanced in giving and receiving. I often give too much of me in time and energy. Today I had the reminder to receive, to step back into my feminine essence and embrace the gifts of love and time given to me in GRATITUDE. It is OK to receive, receiving is powerful , it opens up the opportunity for Generosity. The Goddess Within in her essence is receiving, she is receptive to the energy around her in GRACE , Love and Gratitude. 

How are you nurturing yourself today and have you found the time and space to do so and do so when you need to? Simple measures bring great healing, long baths with essential oils, a walk in nature and listening to the sound of the ocean – nourish me soulfully. They bring me back to simplicity.. to loving me mind body and spirit. The only person that can love you greater than anyone is YOU. You are your own greatest gift. This has been One of the greatest lessons in my journey.

I wanted to share The story of Anandamayi Ma by Autobiography of a Yogi – Paramahansa Yogananda – He asks her why is she always filled with JOY and can enter states of bliss instantly. She explains to him that she is aware of her true self. She knows that before she came to earth she was the same. And even after death she says “through the dance of creation changes around me, I shall be the same” This teaches me Self realisation – a gift worth embracing, knowing yourself in true essence and radiating from within. Self realisation is the merging of the ego self with the universal self – an awakening in freedom. As Yogananda said “Self realisation means realising your true self as the great Ocean of spirit, by breaking the delusion that you are this little ego, this little human body and personality….

The Goddess Within reminds me that self realisation in my journey is a gift to know myself in fullness and to love and value ME- self care, self love, self realisation are the gifts we have…all we need to do is connect , when life gets too unbalanced and too chaotic remember JOY and LOVE is within reach always. I hope that you embrace the simple gifts in life in an ever changing world and may you always find your Goddess Within. For now I am grateful to be doing the ”Goddess Within” Workshops and living and expressing me in wholeness. Wellness.genie is a place where I can express my soul and share – I thank you for sharing this journey with me…ALWAYS!  Namaste.


Goddess Blessings & Love,




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