Gratitude ♥️

This morning I took some time to be extra grateful♥️I miss adventures! I miss meeting incredible souls. I was going through most of my travel pictures and felt grateful for these abundant moments. This year so far I was grateful for the adventure of motherhood and being able to spend so much time with our […]

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Mindful living

Hi lovely people! Whenever I think of the concept of mindful living I picture a beautiful Buddhist temple. It just comes to mind and I’m in the state of meditation with the chanting in the background- how serene ♥️ When I started my health and healing practice I went deeper into the art of meditation. […]

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Sweet Singapore 🇸🇬

Hi beautiful readers! Heres another travel update for you ♥️Singapore has been one of the cleanest countries my husband and I had travelled to. I was 10 weeks pregnant when we visited this place of beauty and diversity. Although the smells of the food markets was not my favorite to experience, it was a city I […]

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It’s all about Balance 🍎

Hello beautiful readers, Sending you blessings for a beautiful week! This week there has been so much creativity in my space. I looked at the ways in which I could do tasks better. How does maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle enrich me? What can be done differently for me to be optimal health? I must admit this […]

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To my mother♥️

This is my mom ♥️This pic was taken when I was in the last stages of my pregnancy. My mother always told me that if I helped one person for the day my job is done. Her beautiful heart told me to live in service, she knew I was capable of great things, she believed […]

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Sunrise Girl 🌞

This is my sunrise girl , my sweet baby girl and we are ready  to embrace a new day! A new day begins the sun rises and shines radiantly! Are you ready to embrace it? No matter your situation get up and get moving, exercise releases feel good hormones and we all can do with […]

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